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We understand your love for learning coding, computer science, logical, developing your mathematical skills, and grabbing the opportunity to prove yourselves through competitive exams. Still, you must be wondering how to practice and from where you can get to learn everything about competitive exams.

The Raiseexamscore website aims at helping all the students out there who are interested in learning mathematics, coding, physics, and chemistry. On the other hand, it also plays an important role for students competing in competitive exams like AMC8, AMC 10/12, Mathscount, ACSL, and many more, as it provides practice papers, mock tests, and study material as well.


As the name implies, Practice papers are periodical worksheets that successfully cover numerous areas of a certain subject through tailor-made questions in order to make studies productive and time-efficient.

A wise man once said, 'Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.'' Trust me, you are not completely prepared without practicing papers.

Exam question patterns are always changing, and students must be prepared to answer a wide range of topics. Exam anxiety is common, and it can be exacerbated if you're not sure what kinds of questions will be asked on the exam. Exam sample papers can teach you about the latest question patterns and frequently asked questions.

Solving sample papers is an excellent way to assess your exam performance. As you solve more problems, you will feel more prepared for the exams. You'll also have a better understanding of your strengths and places for improvement.

It pays off when you put in the effort in the proper direction. Because there are so many concepts, theories, and formulae to learn, it is impossible to do so in a short amount of time. Once you begin working on the practise example questions on a regular basis, you will be able to comprehend the exam structure and appropriately organise your study. This will not only enhance your performance, but it will also boost your efficiency.

What's better than experiencing something for the first time? Twice! While studying anything once can help you comprehend the principles, going over them again can help you recall them better. The more you study, the higher your chances of passing your tests are. Statistics show that people who devote sufficient time to revision fare better in tests than those who do not. Solving mock papers aids in a thorough review of all you've learned.

Practice papers, mock tests, sample papers, and even study materials. Everything that could improve your exam scores are available on the raiseexamscore website, but isn’t it boring just studying, practicing, and repeating. Practicing different questions and solving tough questions is fun but wouldn't it be more fun if we won prizes for solving questions? Seems interesting? Raiseexamscore understands this concern therefore, we organize educational tournaments for all the competitive exams, in the form of practice papers for which you must first register for the tournament, participate in it, and win prizes.


For students and the educators attempting to assist them, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a complicated area of development.

Because there are so many variables at play, it can be difficult to predict what will have an effect and whether the same interventions will affect all kids. Like all other methods for teaching pupils social and emotional skills, competitions can have a wide range of effects on various students. However, we are aware of best practices in competition design that can assist students in getting the most out of competitions. Students can develop a better knowledge of how to deal with opposing viewpoints and ideas through competitions. They can learn how to collaborate with people who have quite different personalities.

This is another major topic when it comes to people's impressions of competitions. It is often said that providing external incentives reduces students' intrinsic motivation by emphasizing the task's value as only being useful because of an external reward. This was brilliantly illustrated in this RSA Animate movie. We have learnt how to manage incentives correctly in the field of competition design since the research that underpins that video was completed. Using a monetary reward to incentivise work demanding even a small amount of mental effort is not a suitable motivator.

However, we know that putting together a rigorous, meaningful procedure to complete the assignment is a great motivation! Competitions have realized this and increasingly depend on promoting the competition's procedure and purpose-driven difficulties to motivate students. We rarely see competitions that just advertise the enormous prizes at the end as a reason to enter. Coaches and competition managers can benefit from ICS's best practices in competition design by learning how to make these modifications so that their pupils acquire and sustain intrinsic motivation for the obstacles they confront.

Mental toughness includes traits such as perseverance, resiliency, and grit. These practical abilities come in helpful in all aspects of our lives and employment. We must be able to bend but not break when under duress. We need to learn how to deal with high-pressure, competitive situations. In a K-12 setting, educational competitions offer children a safe environment in which to develop these abilities. Students can learn to pick themselves up and try again when faced with difficult circumstances. They can learn from their involvement that not getting the greatest grades is merely a stepping stone and an amazing learning experience rather than the end of the road. Limiting pupils' access to competitive environments during their K-12 education can significantly negatively impact their future employment. Companies search for personnel that can manage the stress of competing in a competitive environment. Educational competitions ensure that students are not placed in these situations for the first time when they start working.

Doesn't this concept seem interesting and fun? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered as soon as possible and start the new journey of learning.